Family Gardens

19 November ,2017

Selected in CONCAUSA!

The "family gardens" have been selected by CONCAUSA, recognizing the effort and positivism of our Guatemalan youth.

The objective of these children through the project is to strengthen the families' capacities in the management of soils, the diversification of crops and the use of crops to improve their nutrition.

To date, 41 families have benefited and were trained in various topics related to food and nutrition security:


a. Use of waste, creation of organic aboneras.

b. Classification of solid waste.

c. Soil management

d. Preparation of the earth and construction of planks for the cultivation of vegetables.

e. Assistance in the cultivation of vegetables.

f. Harvesting the harvest, cooking workshops to improve feeding practices.


This project is being developed in communities of Iximché Paxixil, municipality of Tecpán Guatemala.