22 November ,2017

At PAVA we are very proud of the participation of these wonderful guys who performed at CONCAUSA 2016, held in Chile. In which these young people.

The initiative presented by Vanesa, Raquel, Erick and Alva: "IMPROVING HABITS FOOD", with which they propose to reduce malnutrition rates through the training of good food practices, promoting the consumption of local crops, focusing on the preparation of porridge based on incaparina, and promoting the reduction of junk food consumption was presented in the main conference room of ECLAC in front of its colleagues and representatives of América Solidaria and the United Nations, especially of ECLAC and UNICEF, where they participated with young people of the entire American continent, and were selected among the first 15 with proposals to overcome poverty, improve the place where they live and fight hunger.

This video shows the presentation of the proposal of these Guatemalan youth in the main conference room of CEPAL