Art Expression Workshop in paxixil / 15/04/2016

On Saturday 9 April, PAVA had the opportunity of welcoming Patricia Rojas Zambrano again, who visited for the second time the community of Paxixil, Chimaltenango. Thanks to the support of the collective IEATA , Patricia conducted the second part of… Leer Más

Meet Vicente / 02/06/2015

  Meet Vicente, a 5 year old who attends our Comuniteca in Panimachavac. Vicente is one of the most assertive kids in… Leer Más

The voices of PAVA’s promoters are being heard / 25/05/2015

The objectives of our 2015 development initiative include empowering young women and making their voices heard. These objectives became a reality when… Leer Más

Four Young Guatemalans with a Dream / 12/05/2015

Julio Cesar Ajtzac, Evelyn Tzaj, Anibal Cristal, and Julissa Cristal have the same dream: to study and one day become professionals. Nonetheless,… Leer Más

IGA Moves 5k Race for PAVA / 12/05/2015

On April 19th, 2015, the Guatemalan-American Institute (IGA) hosted their second annual 5K race, “IGA Moves”. The race was held in Guatemala… Leer Más